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Looking for Care

Before you visit a service think about things that are important to you and your family and make note of some questions you would like to ask the Educator

These may include:

  • How will I know what activities my child has done that day?

  • What is the sleeping routine like?

  • How will my child’s heritage be incorporated in the education program?

  • How does the service reflect the community in which it is located?

  • Have a look at the physical set-up of the whole service and consider whether your child will be happy and safe. Consider whether the service is equipped to meet your child’s particular needs, including disability or cultural requirements.

  • The Family Day Care Educator will become a very important person in your child’s life. Developing a strong partnership built on mutual respect will help ensure your child gets the best possible care.

What does the Enrolment Process entail?

Step 1: The family must FIRST lodge a CCS claim via their Centrelink online account. 

Step 2: The provider and the family then agree on care arrangements for the child.

Step 3: Once the care arrangement has been established, the provider submits an enrolment notice in the Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS).

Step 4: Once you’ve submitted an enrolment notice, the family will be prompted to confirm the enrolment via their Centrelink online account.

Step 5: An enrolment fee of $25 is charged upon confirmation of enrolment.  This fee must be paid prior to commencement of care. The equivalent of 2 weeks Gap Fee (referred to as a Holding Fee) on booked sessions in adance is to be paid to hold a child's position at the FDC Service. 

Care cannot commence until these payments have been made.

CCS payments will not start until the enrolment is confirmed.

Find out more about the enrolment process at enrolling children.

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