Guide To Applying

The checklist is of all the documentation required as part of your Registration and Membership. You will need to forward these documents to Nature Alliance before you can be registered.

NA-TEM-0011 Philosophy

NA-REG-0010 Information for Registration


Your Residence:
This checklist will provide you with information as to what is required in your home to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children in your care. A staff member will visit you in the early stages and provide advice on how to meet requirements in the most cost efficient way. Please call if you have any queries.

NA-REG-0004 Residence Venue Self-Assessment

The Costs:
These checklists provide an overview of what your expenses are likely to be, but will vary depending on your individual residence and circumstances.

NA-CL-0004 Establishment costs checklist
NA-REG-0009 Fees and Charges