 I believed children need to be loved as much as possible to develop a positive self-concept, self-esteem and sense of identity that will assists them to have a strong emotional intelligence to cope with life’s challenges.

 I believe in PLAY as the learning process that enables children to learn and it is important to have great exposure to concrete “hands-on” experiences such as doing, experimenting and predicting, achieving and making mistakes.

 Children have the right to:
o Be respected as individuals, with unique interests, strengths and abilities;
o Be given equal opportunities to explore and play; and
o Feel safe and secure in their environment.

 I believe each child has their own talents and is unique. Interest and curiosity will lead them to achieve milestones in their learning process and development; therefore, it is important to cater for each child.

 Role modelling is the most powerful tool to guide children toward a positive behaviour. What we do is often much more important than what we say.

 I believe the benefits of a good communication between parents and educators is crucial each child’s mental health and well-being. A responsive and reciprocal relationship between parents and educators enhances children development and capacity to learn.

 There is nothing as rewarding as caring for and loving a child like your own, receiving the support of a parent that is respectful and trustful. It is essential to develop a trust-based relationship with children and their parents so they can rely on and be confident when leaving their children in my care.

I will be aiming for:
 Developing positive self-esteem, self-concepts and sense of identity, independence and ability to use initiative.
 Supporting and enhancing your child’s growth, development and learning by providing stimulating environments.
 Providing a caring, healthy environment in which your child can feel safe and secure.
 Developing your child’s interests and curiosity in their world.
 Fostering growth and positive attitudes and giving values to assist in decision making.
 Working in partnership with families and the community to foster a sense of belonging.
 Listening to and valuing what your child says.
 Loving and caring for your child as if they were mine.

My plan to achieve this is through:
Implementation of Belonging, Being and Becoming. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.
– Building on children’s interests, knowledge, experience and background as individuals within the group;
– Having flexible routines so that children have time to learn, have choices and are co-constructors of their learning; and
– Creating opportunities for children to engage in a variety of experiences that encompass all developmental and key learning areas.

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