At Thompson’s Family Day Care Margaret River I am embracing the Early Years Learning Framework Australia, and aim for children to sense a feeling of Belonging, to feel free Being themselves, and help each other learn, grow and Becoming to their full potential.

  • I believe that all children are unique individuals that need to feel safe, secure, respected, included and supported in an environment that promotes a sense of belonging. That will help them to develop to their full potential.
  • I believe in children’s abilities and interests and are curious, competent and unique learners that learn at their own pace.
  • I believe in children’s abilities to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities.
  • I believe children’s learning is holistic, complex and unique. Children need the opportunities to experiment, investigate, problem solve, assess, discover, create, challenge thinking, build new ideas, improvise, imagine, spontaneity, and familiarity.
  • I believe children learn from diversity of various ages, genders, personalities, cultures, religions and backgrounds.
  • I believe children learn from positive interactions that strengthen relationships, share decisions, display respect and trust, stimulate and challenge their thinking, and provide feedback.
  • I believe children are capable of learning how to care for themselves and their environment through discussions, experiences, experiments, healthy eating, rest, exercise, everyday practices, routines and observing best practices.

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