Hi I’m Tracy  from Tracy’s Family Day Care in Albany, I am an enthusiastic and experienced Educator who is passionate about Family Day Care. I am an active Ambulance Volunteer.

Our family comprises of my husband Craig, who is a truck driver,  our daughters Bianca, and Jacinta and our son Rohan ..

My Philosophy

I believe that children deserve the best quality care so they can learn, develop and grow to their full potential

I believe that by providing an environment that is natural, stimulating and a fun place to be, your children will be relaxed, secure and feel as though they belong while learning through play.

I believe children have a right to feel loved, be respected and accepted for who they are no matter what  their culture, religion or ethnic beliefs are.

I believe it is also my role to set an example to children by my own practices which will embrace diversity, show empathy, respect, kindness and will demonstrate a genuine regard for each other, the environment and our community.

I believe that my family’s involvement enhances the service and the positive interactions will be beneficial to the children in care.  Children within our family daycare become another member of our family.  We all enjoy watching the children grow, learn and develop into confident, resilient individuals who enjoy the moments, look forward to the future and what they will become.

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We are always happy to help.