Hi, I’m Tracey from Whatever the Weather Family Day Care, Forrestfield.

As an early childhood educator and co-learner, I take a holistic approach in caring for children and I believe that each child should be given the opportunity to develop and explore their interests in an environment that is safe and well supported and one which promotes wonder and curiosity.

The children will be encouraged at all times to make choices about their day; to further develop their sense of agency and interdependence and to know that their ideas are respected by others.

A strong emphasis is given on the importance of connecting with our natural environment and to be outside resourcing our learning through natural materials as much as possible.  Learning about our world, the seasons and sustainability will be achieved through a hands-on approach and will be at all times supported by me as an Educator.

Learning and engaging with our immediate and broader community will help the children learn about diversity and instil concepts in recognising differences, on being accepting and always remaining respectful.  This allows them to feel connected to their world and able to contribute as a member of society.

I value strong relationships with families and respect diversity.  Working collaboratively and in partnership with families allows for an environment of trust and shared decision making, which in turn creates a space that is not only inviting to children, but to adults too.

Welcome to “Whatever the Weather……” where dirt is firmly settled under fingernails and a sense of adventure awaits!


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