Hi, I’m Sandra from Discovery Family Day Care in Dunsborough which was established in 2010 as an alternate option for early childhood education and care based in a warm family environment.

Over the years many children have become a part of our extended family and left their imprint on our hearts and still my personal philosophy remains strong, based on recognising and supporting children as capable and self driven learners in the real world while nurturing respectful relationships with both children and adults.

We have a purpose built area to give the children a sense of ownership over their space and how it is used based on their interests while we also take part in the normal routines of a family home from preparing meals, gardening for food and enjoyment, animal care, excursions into our community and natural environment, project work based on interests, tinkering, experimentation, creative thinking and problem solving, social and emotional wellbeing and physical development.  Programs are individually tailored to each child to develop holistically and naturally in an intrinsic manner.

Ensuring that the next generation are the best that they can be naturally.


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