At Raechelle Kelly’s Family Day Care, I will strive to consistently provide high quality care and education, in a safe and engaging environment, to each individual child that attends my service.

My core values and beliefs include acceptance, respect, support, consistency and reliability and these are reflected in the way in which I interact and respond to each individual child and their family that attends my service.

Each child and their family’s cultural beliefs and family values will be acknowledged and respected to ensure families feel accepted. This is to ensure all children feel secure and supported as they transition between their home and my care. I value building and maintaining trusting, respectful relationships with each child and their family. I also believe it is important to ensure that every families confidentiality is maintained (except in the situational circumstances that a child’s safety comes first).

My program and daily routine aim to provide each child an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging as an individual, within their own family, within my service and within their community. Our daily routine is flexible including meal times, as I believe each child should be valued as an individual. Allowing each child to have a choice as to when they would like to eat aims to encourage children to develop a sense of independence and have a choice regarding their day. Through positive role modelling, self-help skills will be encouraged to guide children to be competent, capable individuals.

I value play-based learning within my program, and children will be supported as they become involved learners both individually and within a group. Programmed experiences and those that happen spontaneously aim to provide children an opportunity to explore the natural environment as much as possible. Children’s interests will also be recognised, and my programmed experiences aim to guide children’s development and extend on their learning. Children’s opinions, ideas and thoughts will always be listened to and respected. I value giving each child choice regarding their learning, their day and their environment.

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