Happy Faces Family Day Care
I have been providing a high standard of care for families in the Swan Valley for over 11 years.
I am privileged to be entrusted with the most fabulous little people, to guide them in their learning and development and to encourage them to take risks that will enhance their world. I believe in the freedom to express and create their own ideas and masterpieces.
I enjoy the interactions and conversations we have together and the joy of a child who achieves a much-wanted skill or improves on an already gained skill is a precious moment in-time and one that I am lucky enough to share with the children who attend my service.
I hold family and family ties close to my heart and believe that the most knowledgeable information I can gain about a child is from their family what their hopes and wishes are for their little people.
At HFFDC we revel in messy play, we soak in all the slime, spaghetti, goo and much more, activating our sensory awareness, developing our expressive language all the while we are learning about the world and people around us.



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