Kerrie’s Family Day Care is open Monday to Friday for care both during the day and overnight for permanent bookings. Casual evening and overnight care is now being offered on a Friday and Saturday night.

Before and after school care is available for several local schools and vacation care for school holiday times is available during the day for primary school students.

Licensed through Nature Alliance Family Day Care Scheme we are located in Butler WA. I have 25 years experience in the industry, Qualifications including Diploma in Children’s Services, working with children check and senior first aid.

At Kerrie’s place we learn through play with a strong emphasis on nature play. We use the environment to stimulate and encourage learning in an atmosphere that is warm, supportive and inclusive for all children. Regular outings to the local national parks for bush and beach play gives us an opportunity to really explore the natural surroundings we have on offer without any time restraints. This in turn helps children to become familiar with areas they may visit with their families and assists them learn to take risks and self regulate their behaviours. We also go outdoors and into nature to give us a regular and familiar place to build our knowledge of our community.

Programming and planning is based on each individual child and family needs with a focus on developing secure and strong attachments.

Welcome to our family day care family !


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