Hi there, my names Katrina and I run Evergreen Leaders Family Day care here in Karrinyup. I have been working with children for the last 3 years, and have finally found an avenue where I can make a difference to the lives of our little ones. Here at Evergreen, we believe the future is in the hands of our greatest assets – our children. We believe in allowing children the freedom to grow, learn and explore in an open, nurturing and safe environment. We adapt experiences to suit their current developmental milestones, by giving them the tools and opportunities to do so.

Our approach to early education will be a catalyst in helping our children develop their independence, self discovery and self identity. There is a leader amongst us all, and it is our job to help support, guide and help enrich the most important stages in your child’s life. We will celebrate their successes and encourage them to deliver positive outcomes even through times of defeat. We will be their safe place, and always inspire them to be themselves, no matter who that is.

Evergreen Leaders is a place where fun, laughter and exploration through play is encouraged and where learning is manifested through child led play and ongoing interests. We take a holistic approach to our learning experiences, and we believe the natural world is an important element to integrate into our teachings. This gives our children the understanding and respect for the world we live in.

Our experiences have a strong emphasis on art and creativity. We run our service as sustainable as we can and as future leaders of our world, it is important to teach and embed these practices at a young age. We are a home, we are family, and we are here to help your little ones become confident & vibrant evergreen leaders in this world.

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