Hi, I’m Julie from Little Chooks Family Day Care in Geraldton.

I believe children have the right to a happy childhood filled with fun, stimulating experiences which also include involving the children in the community.

In my service I will provide opportunities for the children to become successful and competent individuals by providing a range of activities and experiences based on their interests, abilities and needs.

I believe all children should be treated equally, with dignity and respect. I will actively promote respect, empathy and guide children to be accepting of others in the group and community.

I believe children need to understand about sustainability and caring for our planet. I will provide opportunities for the children to use recycled materials, reuse resources in multiple ways, minimise waste and become water wise and energy conscious.

I believe young children need to be cared for by adults who are loving, stable, patient, sensible and respond to the children with warmth and compassion. I also believe that input from children and families is vital and their ideas are valued and appreciated. These ideas will reflect in the program where possible.

I believe children need to have consistent rules and have their positive behaviours acknowledged, I will endeavour to use positive reinforcement as a means of guiding the children’s behaviour and will work with parents on any behaviour issues.



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