Hi, I’m Julie from Little Gems Family Day Care in Boulder. I have been a Family Day Care Educator for 11 years. I am licensed 24/7 and can provide overnight and weekend care. I have a wonderfully supportive family, a husband of 27 years, a son who is 25 and given me three wonderful grandchildren, and two daughters 23 and 11.

I have lived in Boulder WA all of my life and enjoy getting out and about in our local bush area with the children.

We go for long walks and have discovered many old tressures, we go yabbying and often build fires to cook lunch or toast marsh mellows.

Over the years I have had many different children through my service. Learnt a lot about different cultures and have faced a lot of challenging situations but have learnt by it all.

Although limits are set we provide an environment where children are encouraged to play freely and are allowed to make their own choices. They assist with the day to day programming and are free to help themselves to activities.  We encourage them to become independent and help with daily chores such as setting tables, cleaning their own faces and hands, dressing, putting on shoes and packing away after play.

I love my chosen career and at present have 13 children in my service the longest child has been with us for 10 years.

Before becoming an educator I worked in plant nurseries and analytical laboratories.

I hold all the required training certificates to operate a Family Day Service and challenge myself all the time to improve in any area I can.

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