Hello I am Jessica. I am a diploma qualified educator who has 9 years experience caring for children from ages 0-12 years both in Centre Based and Family Day Care settings. My family consists of my husband Nathan, my two young sons Matrim and Finley and myself. Over the years I have welcomed many families into my day care family and have immensely enjoyed having the privilege of building strong relationships with the children and families in my service. I believe that every family and every child is beautifully unique and enjoy being a part of the process of supporting children as they learn and grow.

My philosophy
I believe that children do the most of their learning through play and it is my goal to encourage and support children through this playful learning. Providing a natural, safe and secure environment for children is very important to me; children have a natural affinity with the environment and it is my goal to teach children about the sustainability of this environment.

Children have the right to feel comfortable to play, laugh, learn and develop at their own pace. With the knowledge that all children are individuals, I aim to encourage each child to be their own person by supporting the development of their own individual personalities, interests and learning methods. I believe that all children reserve the right to be respected and strive to always listen to the children’s ideas and opinions.

I aim to provide suitable activities for all the children in my care to help them develop and will provide a positive, challenging and safe environment that enables the children to assess risk, explore their environment and learn through play.

Most importantly I believe that each family is beautifully unique and aim to be communitive and supportive with families regarding their children’s needs.


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