Hi I’m Hannah from Happy ‘N’ Healthy Kidz FDC. I have two young children of my own who have both been in Family Day Care when they were younger. Seeing the quality of care and niche educational opportunities that Family Day Care offers is what drove me and gave me the inspiration to become an educator myself and pursue Family Day Care as a career.

As part of being an educator I nurture each individual child’s love of learning and help encourage them to move forward in their learning journey. To do this I work with the families to develop strong interrelationships as I strongly believe these relationships are fundamental for the growth, development and sense of belonging for the children.

As an educator I strive to guide the children, allowing them to create their own ideas through play. As play makes it possible for young children to digest and understand their world and their experiences. Play includes real life experiences, imagination and fantasy. I believe that discovery through play, connection with the community, and exploration of their inherent need to engage with nature, in a supportive and enriching environment allows them to develop their own self-worth. As these are all part of my philosophy and service, during our week we participate in many regular outings including engagement with a local aged care center for inter-generational play groups and story time.

During my time as an educator I have been fortunate enough to not only see the children grow but also be directly responsible for their learning and development which is extremely rewarding.

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