Hi I’m Georgie  from Georgie’s Family Day Care in Manjimup and I value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning and believe that children interacting with others is an integral part of their learning and a good stepping stone into a more formalised education setting.

Equity, inclusion and diversity within all cultures is valued and celebrated. I believe that each child is a unique individual and should be viewed, respected and treated as such. As the welfare and wellbeing of each child is paramount, I will strive to provide holistic support of the child’s exclusive requirements and interests in a nurturing, familial environment that fosters the child’s development across all developmental domains.

At my day care, ‘Georgie’s Family Day Care’, there is a high value on the environment in the early learning context. For this reason, careful attention and detail is encapsulated in its design so as to allow for rich, authentic experiences to occur on a full time basis. The environment supports scaffolding children’s learning and development through quality interactions with peers in the overall attempt to pave the way for an exploratory understanding of themselves, the world around them and their place in it.

The daily programs are reflective of emergent curriculum and adhere to guidelines set by ACECQA, National Quality Framework and The Early Years Learning Framework taking the child’s developmental level into account. A sizeable portion of the day’s program will be occupied by planned activities; however, there will also be substantial opportunity for the children to participate in spontaneous independent experiences as part of play based learning. Experiences will give children the opportunity to develop a range of skills in exploration, self-discovery, social interactions and problem solving among others, in the overall attempt to set the children up for success.

I believe that a shared partnership forms an integral part of this service. Partnerships with families provide invaluable information relating to cultural backgrounds. I will strive to build relationships with families based on co-operation and a mutual respect for the reciprocal roles that each play in the lives of the child. Partnerships with families are developed through daily discussion, general correspondence via facebook and meetings. My open door policy aims to facilitate an open flow of communication while maintaining confidentiality and respect of the privacy and wishes of each family, resulting in the highest levels of service.

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