Hello, I’m Bev and I’ve been a Family Day Care Educator since April 2008.

My service is known as Orana FDC, after the farm on which I grew up on. I believe it is an Aboriginal word that means welcome.  My two adult children Kate and Benjamin live at home with me. We share our home with four animals. Two cats and two dogs.

I believe in being flexible with our activities and routines and that there is great learning potential in every day events, routines and especially play. There should be opportunity for children to have agency with regards routines and play.

I believe that children need relationships that are respectful, responsive and nurturing to allow them to build attachments that provide a secure base from which to explore and learn.

I believe children need to learn to recognise and respect the feelings of others and to interact positively with them. They will need emotional support to develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others.

I believe it is important to work in partnership with children, their parents and other family members to foster their children’s development as a competent learner. To do so requires respectful communication, willingness to share and ability to value each other’s knowledge of the child.

Please feel welcome to contact me to arrange a viewing of our service.

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