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Bambini Di Natura (Children of Nature)

Nestled in the beautiful suburb of Spearwood you find a little oasis that offers your children a home away from home, Bambini Di Natura. I pride myself in offering every child a safe and nurturing environment amongst old trees, shrubs, flowers, my vegetable garden and the enchanting sounds of my neighbour’s chooks. My trusted old dog Charlie by my side grading the children’s sanctuary.

I grew up on a farm in Germany and experienced hands on how important the true connection between nature and animals is in the child’s formative years. I have worked over 30 years with children, specialising in music education, project planning, outdoor environment design in a Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre and in the recent year as room coordinator in a Montessori setting.

I obtained my Cert IIII in assessment and training and have facillated workshops for Educators integrating Music, creative movement and on how to create athletically pleasing environments that cover all areas of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and stimulating the young mind.

My experiences and respect for childhood endeavour to enrich children’s minds and hearts. Music, instrument play, dance, nature-based projects like material dying, caring for the garden, practical life skills, cooking, printing with natural colours and just being free to explore the material and working with real “tools” will be fundamental part of your child journey in Bambini Di Natura.

I had the pleasure in my life running two successful businesses, one The Music Kindy and prior being a Family Day Care operator when my children were very young. Although loving my work then, it didn’t suit my family’s needs. Since then, I always was longing to provide Care for children from my home and now that my children have flown the nest, my Husband Tom and I were able to purchase the perfect house to facilitate a home away from home for young children.

Tom has created beautiful play equipment and learning materials for each child to engage with and will make sure they are all well maintained. Although he will be away for the day working, Tom will be responsible for providing stimulating, culturally integrated materials and has a long wish list to complete! Your child will have the opportunity to be part of creating Bambini Di Natura play environment on a regular basis and really make it their own, which will strengthen their sense of Belonging. Tom and I are both multilingual and always happy to extend our language with the children in my care.

I am so excited to open our home to your family and create happy childhood memories for your child.


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Spearwood WA, Australia


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