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Hi, I’m Judy from Karawara and my goals are to provide a warm, loving family environment where each individual child will be provided with enjoyable, stimulating experiences to help him or her reach their full potential. All children will be respected for who they are: regardless of race, creed, religion or gender.

All children need to feel safe, secure and happy, and to have their emotional and physical needs met in a non-threatening environment.

I will carefully guide appropriate behaviour through role modelling, lots of praise, offering toy substitution and redirecting play. My role is not of a substitute parent, but a caregiver who genuinely loves and cares for children. All parents are welcome in our home, and are encouraged to discuss their child’s needs.

Parents are considered competent child-rearers, who are entitled to their opinions. However, I will offer help and support where possible and seek advice where appropriate.

Other aims:

  • to encourage children to be neat and organised

  • to set a consistently high standard of behaviour

  • to develop, encourage and reward a strong sense of self-discipline, independence, leadership, cooperation and responsibility in each child

  • to encourage complete honesty and respect for each other’s property

  • to encourage children to be interested in other children and the wider community

  • to make each child aware that although they are individuals, they must show consideration, care and respect for others

  • to provide opportunities for children to acquire concepts, knowledge and skills in a setting that fosters positive attitudes to learning

  • to broaden children’s experiences through the use of books, audio visual resources and excursions

  • to encourage children to question and seek answers when they do not understand something

  • to foster a love of learning and instil the belief that learning is a life-long process

  • to prepare children for the challenges of daily life


0415 973 933




Karawara WA 6152, Australia


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