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Hi, I’m Jess from Jessica’s Family Day Care in Kalgoorlie.

I have been working in the childcare industry for 6+ years now starting out in long day care before venturing into Family Day care 2+years ago when we moved to Kalgoorlie.

A little about me and my family: I have a very supportive husband named Angus and we have two boys named Jye and Lachlan who both attend primary school. We have a family dog named Holly who loves children and we also have pet chickens which the children enjoy caring for and collecting their eggs each day.

My aim is to treat all children fairly and equally, making their Family Day Care experience feel like a home away from home and providing a happy and positive place to come. All children that come into my care will have the opportunity to grow and develop through play and planned activities, as well as overcoming obstacles/challenges with guidance and help. I believe that children learn through play and exploring and my wish is to provide a safe, secure and child friendly environment for children to play and learn.

My Aims Ensuring each child will have the chance to grow and develop through play and planned activities. Welcoming all cultural backgrounds into my home and providing a warm and welcoming feeling. Providing play experiences for children of all age groups.

Ensuring children feel safe, secure and welcome in my Family Day Care Service.

Working together with children and their families to ensure each child’s needs are met and to develop a bond and friendship with families and children.


0420 752 529




Piccadilly WA 6430, Australia


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