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Welcome to Jenni’s House Family Day Care, I have been operating my Family Day Care Service for 15 years and prior to that I worked at childcare centres and as a professional Nanny in Australia and the UK.. My decision to develop my own Family Day Care Business was driven by a desire to run my own business and provide a service for families that catered for their individual needs and to cater and be available for my son as he was started his schooling years. He is now nearly 19 and has left home to follow his own dreams, and I am a very proud Mum. I am married to my husband Les, who often arrives home from his work while children are still present, he will come in and say hi to the children and many have formed warm, reciprocal relationships with him. He is also the man who helps with different things around our Day Care to ensure it’s smooth running, fun play areas and safety in the environment. Les is always happy to join in and help with different events we host, including our annual Christmas party, which he puts in a lot of behind the scenes work and his own free time. So, as you can see, he is an integral and very important part of the running of the Day Care.

I believe that children need to feel safe, secure and happy in the Family Day Care setting.

I will make children feel welcome by being caring, considerate and by providing an environment in which the children enjoy playing and being with each other.

I believe that children need to be able to express themselves which I find they can do through creative arts,  interacting with other children and other adults and being immersed in nature.

I encourage the children to be able to have a choice of what they would like to achieve throughout the day as well as some structured play, it should be the child’s choice to become involved in the structured play.

The environment will be safe for children, and they will be encouraged to care for the environment as a part of the daily routine. At Jenni’s House Family Day Care Service we aim to develop secure and respectful relationships with all children.


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Collie WA 6225, Australia


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