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I believe children should be able to enjoy the richness of play & learning outdoors, enjoying the warmth of the winter sun, feel wet summer rain on grass between their toes.  Children have the right to breath fresh air while enjoying the shade in my garden and connecting to nature whilst nourishing their souls.  Children have time to explore, investigate, engage, grow, while respecting & tending the natural environment to become our future gardeners & care takers of our world in years to come.  

Children also thrive when they feel secure so therefore I will endeavour to provide a safe and loving home environment in which they will learn and grow. 

Every child has the ‘Right to Play’ and with this in mind I will encourage a child to learn and care about themselves, others around them and their environment.  I encourage children to rethink, reuse, recycle, repair and buy less. I practice sustainability within my home and the community environment.  Conditions in the world as we know depends on how these little people today will treat it in the future.  They need to know that others will follow in their footsteps and therefore to look after and care for the people and things around them.  I believe children learn through their own play experiences will help them increase their knowledge & practices in sustainability.

Play allows children grow in many ways from their own happiness through to enhancing their own individual development, it enhances a positive self-image and builds self-esteem.

Children learn more complex tasks by building on simple play experiences, each child is provided with opportunities to use their imagination, stimulation and relaxation. 

I believe the environment created provides each child opportunity to create a feeling of independence, encourage problem solving and develops a sense of curiosity. Therefore, I will endeavour to provide a stimulating program of experiences & opportunities that will cater for all these elements while valuing their needs.

Quality care fosters well-being, health, growth and development of the child.  I pride myself on operating a family day care service that creates a positive experience for both the child and family.  The child gains the opportunity to develop relationships outside their family home while being in a warm, caring, safe and loving environment.  Parents can feel happy and confident that their child is receiving the best care that I can provide through my service in a small group environment.


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Pigeon Rise, Geographe WA 6280, Australia


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