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Welcome to Bumble B’s Family Day Care,


I have been caring for my own children for the past 8 years on a full time basis and opened my Family Daycare Service 3 years ago. Prior to this I worked for 8 years in a Family run business along side my parents. My husband of 8 years has been a great support. It is my love and respect for children and watching how they grow and learn everyday that has led me into the Family Daycare business.


I believe that children need to feel safe, secure and happy in the Family Day Care setting.

I will make children feel welcome by being caring, considerate and by providing an environment in which the children enjoy playing and being with each other.


I believe that children need to be able to express themselves which I find they can do through creative arts, outside play and interacting with other children and other adults.

I believe that the children should be able to have a choice of what they would like to achieve throughout the day as well as some structured play, it should be the child’s choice to become involved in the structured play.


The environment will be safe for children and they will be encouraged to care for the environment as a part of the daily routine. At Bumble B’s Family Day Care Service we aim to develop secure and respectful relationships with all parties.


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South Boulder WA 6432, Australia


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