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At Kununurra Bush Kindergarten we believe that every child is a unique, capable and inquisitive individual that has the right to an education: and that, that education works for them.


We cannot possibly teach the content or knowledge of all there is currently to know in the world, or predict what information will be necessary in the future. We can, however, provide learning environments that offer lots of practice in how to make decisions, initiate ideas, persist, find out, try again, take risks, explore and research in a range of ways that relate to children's own unique interests and endeavours; and to balance this with the areas of content and information that we as educators wish to introduce and provide.

Our priority is that children have fun whilst learning through play! We work alongside children to scaffold and guide children holistically in their learning and development, with a focus on developing confidence and resilience through the provision of safe and engaging outdoor experiences. The learning environment is designed to support children in a quality natural outdoor space, in order for them to explore and develop a curiosity of the world around them and a lifelong love of learning.


We strive to meet students at their point of learning need, whatever this may be, and then carve a path of learning opportunity in front of them. We base our curriculum on education philosophies and practice from a broad range of methodologies including: Reggio Emilia, Kathy Walker Learning, Maria Montessori, Steiner and Forest school approaches from around the world. We aim to create a curriculum that is specifically suited to the children of the East Kimberley and including impact of economic climate and businesses.

We work with families to prepare a learning pathway for students that focusses on their strengths, engages their weaknesses and allows them every chance of success.

We teach students how to care for one another, defend one another and defend themselves. We teach them to cope with failure and relish in the feeling of success, have courage to aim high and resilience to be able to overcome failure. Our reflective planning cycle and play based program focuses on child led interests and these identified needs.

We acknowledge that competition is real, it is a part of life, and we aim to help students build an understanding of their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

We welcome you to Kununurra Bush Kindergarten and are grateful to share this opportunity with you to support your child in this part oftheir learning journey.


0427 371 964




Kununurra WA 6743, Australia


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