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Hi, I’m Casey from Myaree Family Day Care.

I believe each child is a unique and special individual that needs to be nurtured with affection, laughter and positive encouragement. They deserve the best start and care in life to explore and understand the world they live in.

I strongly believe in:


Acknowledges children’s interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities. In early childhood, and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Belonging is central to Being and becoming in that it shapes who children are and who they can become.


Recognises the importance of the here and now in children’s lives. It is about the present and them knowing themselves, building and maintaining relationships with others, engaging with life’s joys and complexities, and meeting challenges in everyday life. The early childhood years are not solely preparation for the future but also about the present.


Children’s identities, knowledge, understandings, capacities, skills and relationships change during childhood. They are shaped by many different events and circumstances. Becoming reflects this process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years as young children learn and grow. It emphasises learning to participate fully and actively in society.

I provide care which is nurturing, positive, stimulating and above all safe where each child can explore, learn and develop with confidence.

I believe strongly in Family Day Care and the immense benefits of children being cared and accommodated for in a home like environment. I believe children bloom with confidence and wellbeing when a strong relationship is made between a child and their carer. I strongly believe in making each child feel welcomed and a valued member of the Family Day Care group.

I respect the values, beliefs and cultures of all families using my care and will endeavour to meet the needs and responsibilities of each family at all times.

I believe that open communication is vital to the wellbeing of everyone involved in Family Day Care. Working together to create a happy environment for children is vital.

I strive to continually improve my FDC centre and provide the very best of care.

My Aims

Create a happy and healthy environment where the care I give is of the highest quality at all times.

Respect each child regardless of their age, gender, culture, religion, abilities or background.

Provide and age appropriate program which meets the children’s interests, need & strengths.

Embracing, accepting and utilising the Early Years Learning Framework to support and enhance young children’s learning.

Uphold parent/educator partnerships within my FDC centre.


0424 476 249




Hayward Way, Myaree WA 6154, Australia


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