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Hi, I am Angela; I operate Sunny Angels Family Day Care in Lower King Albany.

I have extensive experience working with children. I am a trained Nanny and have my Diploma in Children’s Services (0-12 years).

I have worked in child care in the Great Southern area as a Child Care Coordinator for the last 11 years and as a Child Care Educator for 5 years previous to that. I had worked as a Nanny in Australia and overseas for nearly 10 years.

My Philosophy

I believe children deserve the best quality care to support their growth in development, enhance learning, developing acceptable social behaviours and wellbeing.

I believe that by providing a variety of nature based play experiences, children will feel secure and enjoy learning through play.

Children have a right to feel loved, respected, accepted and valued for who they are, by doing this we teach them to accept themselves and accept others diversity.

I aim to provide a positive role model to the children in my care by embracing diversity, showing respect, kindness and empathy towards other people and the environment.

I believe to provide a great learning environment for all children; I need to work in partnership with families and the broader community to build upon each child’s sense of belonging.


0458 777 154




Lower King WA 6330, Australia


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