About Us

The Beginning:

Nature Alliance Family Day Care Service is a privately owned service, managed by the partners Sue Robertson and Beryl Mort. Both partners have qualifications in Children’s Services and Training and Assessment and many years of experience working in the industry.

Sue and Beryl had known each other through the Child Care industry and had worked on various projects over the years and had often talked about working together.

Sue lives in the southwest of Western Australia and Beryl in the Perth metropolitan area, so it wasn’t until they both worked together that their passion, interests and work ethics inspired the development of Nature Alliance Family Day Care Service.

About Sue:

Sue is an Early Childhood Education Teacher and her first posting was to a remote West Kimberly town of Derby in Western Australia. This was very rural and children played in the vivid red dirt which inspired her love of nature and the outdoors.

Sue left teaching and travelled the world before having her son and then went on to manage a Family Day Care Service in the South West of WA. Sue believes children thrive in small groups where they can access normal daily experiences, build resilience and become confident individuals. These beliefs are what the foundations of Nature Alliance Family Day Care are built on.

To contact Sue, phone 0477 029 254

About Beryl:

Beryl originally worked in the finance industry for ten years before starting her own Family Day care business when her 2 sons were young. She has remained in the industry and continued to work in both administrative and support roles. Beryl has also lectured at TAFE and mentored students in the field.

Beryl also comes from a rural background and has many memories of wide open spaces, playing in the creek and catching tadpoles, climbing trees, building cubbies, picking wild flowers, playing with the farm animals and being surrounded by a nurturing family. This rural environment was the greatest playground ever and Beryl believes all children can thrive if given the opportunity and especially if immersed in nature.

To contact Beryl, phone 0477 029 253